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YHWY Tetragrammaton JHVH

If you’ve clicked on this link, then you’re in for a treat!

Those two sets of four letters each happen to be called the “Tetragrammaton” or the Hebrew name(s) of God transliterated in four letters as YHWH or JHVH and articulated as Yahweh or Jehovah. Okay deep breath…what’s this all about?!

During my years serving in ministry, I had the absolute privilege and blessing to learn from and be guided by an anointed Biblical scholar and Senior Pastor who routinely taught his staff and flock the deeper meanings behind Hebrew teachings.

Following a mind-blowing staff meeting where I couldn’t take notes fast enough, I asked our Pastor if he wouldn’t mind stopping by my cubicle following the meeting. I really needed to hear more about the Names of God that he had so eloquently taught on that morning! This mighty man of ministry didn’t hesitate…. he loved teaching his people!

The result of that teaching time is documented below. It is NOT an exhaustive list, but instead a shared compilation of the Names of God as well as where to find these Biblical references!

May it bless you and help guide you in your prayer life as it has mine!

Jehovah Jireh-The Lord Who Provides. Genesis 22:14

Jehovah Hoseenu-The Lord our Maker. Psalm 95:6

Jehovah Sabaoah-The Lord of Hosts. 1 Samuel 1:3, Matthew 6:5-14

Jehovah Nissi-The Lord Is My Banner. Exodus 17:15

Jehovah Raah (also Rohi)-The Lord Is My Shepherd. Psalm 23:1

Jehovah Rapha-The Lord That Heals. Exodus 15:26

Jehovah Shammah-The Lord Who is Present, Is Here. Ezekiel 48:35

Jehovah Tsidkenu-The Lord Our Righteousness. Jeremiah 23:6

Jehovah Mekoddishkem-The Lord Who Sanctifies You. Exodus 31:13

Jehovah Shalom-The Lord of Peace. Judges 6:24

Jehovah El Shaddai-Lord God Almighty. Genesis 15:7


Lord God, Yahweh, You are my God! I give thanks to the pastor who taught us so well and pray to you Jehovah Jireh, that You provide clarity and understanding as we continue to grow and learn about You!


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