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A Good Dryer Never Tells

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.

2 Corinthians 5:17 (ESV)

I love new kitchen towels. There is just something wonderful about pulling an unstained, clean, crisp towel out of our towel drawer next to the sink. All the old dish drying champs have been disposed of, but I’ll admit it took years to say goodbye to “lemon fresh”, “red and white check”, “waffle brown”, “You are my Valentine”, and all their mates.

Nonetheless they had served us well polishing dishes, glasses, windows and spills for too many years. Some even stayed true upon being demoted to floors. And so it was time to bring in a whole new army of drying superstars. Have you shopped lately for new kitchen towels? Did you know designers are involved with our dishes? Who knew?!

We have a saying in our family and please feel special because I am about to share it with you! We say, “A good dryer never tells!” A ‘good dryer’...yes we actually do stand at the sink most every evening after dinner and hand wash our dishes (its a family thing). I know it sounds archaic, but was and remains something that my grandparents, parents and we have done since our dating years. When the kids were old enough to stand at the sink they were trained in the fine art of, ‘hanging out a little longer after dinner to help' (!).

Oh sure we have a rocket ship of a dishwasher...the quiet, no rinse, all the bells and whistles type that goes into full on “I can handle anything mode” when needed. However using it every night would steal the opportunity to stand next to each other for those last few minutes after the evening meal and laugh a little more about our day. In fact, many of the world's problems have been solved at our kitchen sink!

So the towels...I knew the time had come when the stains on lemon fresh would no longer bleach out and old waffle brown would no longer absorb the spills and messes left behind. No amount of stain remover, detergent or elbow grease could will those old towels back to their original purpose. They were just-worn thin! Years of covering up of the missed, stuck on stuff, mopping up spills, being thrown to the floor for clean up detail..I mean, come on, .enough was enough!

And those new towels-WOW do they make everything sparkle again. The new materials are treated with strong stain-releasing powers and moisture absorbing materials that mop up messes with ease. Yes a good dryer never tells but equip one with a new towel and a kitchen SUPER HERO is born!

Sometimes you just have to let go of the old stuff.

Do you have stuff that just seems to be stuck on you? Are you mopping up the same spills over and over? Are you struggling to release those old stains that just won’t disappear? Are you worn thin?

It’s time for new towels.

Prayer Heavenly Father, help us to live new in all your Son Jesus Christ did for us on The Cross. We know that through His shed blood He wiped our sins away. His blood soaked garments absorbed every mixed-up mess we’ve made and polished us anew. We thank You that our stains have disappeared and our lives have been wiped clean.

Father God, hear our prayer. Amen


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