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Turtle Power!

(Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

Before you read another word, please take a moment to click on the link below as the rest of this post will then make sense!

Have you ever needed a good flipping over? I imagine you’re either laughing out loud or have a little lump in your throat! This 30 second video produced so much joy as well as emotion the first time I saw it posted by a dear friend just last evening! I mean look at what’s going on here-there is a member of their little community that’s in real trouble! Somehow this turtle has ended up…upside down!

But what happens next is amazing to me! (Can you believe I’m emotional writing this?!) Suddenly the entire circle of turtles comes to the rescue! Everyone seems to notice…one pops his head out then goes charging forward to the rescue. Another comes dashing (I had no idea turtles could dash) up from the bottom of the screen and look how he or she swoops in for support as the front line works to right the one in trouble! The others get to their friend ASAP! The whole circle is engaged in the rescue! Who knew the turtle community was such a tightly knit, sweet creation of our God! And with that image it became obvious…this is what caring friends do!

Caring friends won’t let you drown-they’re going to come alongside, right your path and make quick work of it too! A caring friend is a gift, a blessing from God and worth the investment of the heart.

Check out the following characteristics of what caring friends will do compiled by Alice Gray, Author and Seminar Speaker and noted in “Lists to Live By”, The Christian Collection For Everything That Really Matters, Multnomah Publishers © 2004

What Caring Friends Will Do

Set quality time for you

Pray for you

Help you out when needed

Show you respect

Stand up for you

Listen to you without distraction

Keep your secrets

Give Godly counsel

Laugh with you

Cry with you

Believe the best in you

Forgive graciously

Reflect God’s love to you.

And I will happily add…flip you back over in the turtle pond!

Dear Lord

What an example of friendship and support seen in of all things, the turtle community! Help us to love each other well, come alongside our friends in time of need and accept correction when we need our own paths flipped back to the right side! Amen!


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