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Cannon Beach 2011 (C) Hillary Humberson

I hesitate to title this post by the name of the city that should be known for country music, The Grand Ole' Opry and fun. However, Nashville, Tennessee, the destination for musicians in the making as well as home for those long successful, made the news again sending shock waves throughout the nation as we learned about another school shooting. This time three innocent children and three brave adults were taken.

In my circles as I’m certain yours we ask each other, “How could this have happened again and why”? Why does God allow these things to happen?

“Why” is a big question…why involves so many factors including the emotional, physical, and mental state of the person who walked into that school with a vengeance. I’m no psychologist, but I can tell you this, that was evil incarnate. And so, another week of mourning, loss and grief takes precedent over the heart of our country.

What I believe in my heart of hearts is that Jesus was waiting for those six souls. He was there with an outstretched hand and arms waiting to embrace each one.

I’ve had a great book that contains a wealth of information about Christian life called, “Lists to Live By, The Christian Collection” © 2004 since its publication date. As I opened it up this

afternoon, a page noting what “Heaven Is” (and) has waiting, taken from The Book of Revelation, stood out! May this reminder of what Heaven had in store for those slain and has in store for us, bring comfort to our hurting souls.


Full of JOY

Full of LIFE

Full of PEACE

Full of LIGHT

Full of GLORY


Full of LOVE

Full of GOD

Full of WONDER




Lord there are many times when we don’t know how to pray. We don’t understand the “why” in these circumstances but we know that You do. We pray all that "Heaven Is" be exactly what met those that were taken this week. Our hearts are broken for the families who are suffering the loss of their loved ones. Send comfort and healing to them, to the City of Nashville and to our country Lord. We need you. Amen.


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