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He Is!

This amazing declaration of who God is, spoken by Priscilla Shirer at a conference a few years back, has always pumped me as I'm certain millions of other people up, and I want to share her words with you! Here is the link if you'd like to watch Priscilla deliver the message with the text below!

He Is…..

The First and the Last

The Beginning and the End

The Keeper of creation

The Creator of all

He’s the Architect of the universe

And the Manager of all time

He always was, always is and always will be.

Unmoved, unchanged, undefeated and never undone

He was bruised but brought healing,

He was pierced but eased pain,

He was persecuted but brought freedom

He was dead and brings life

He is risen to bring power

And he reigns to bring peace

The world can’t understand Him

Armies can’t defeat Him

Schools can’t explain Him

And leaders they can’t ignore Him

Harod couldn’t kill Him

Nero couldn’t crush Him

The new age cannot replace Him

And Hollywood cannot explain Him away

You remind yourself that

He is Life

He is Love

HE IS Longevity and He IS THE LORD

HE is goodness, kindness, faithfulness


HE IS holy and righteous

and powerful and pure

His ways are right,

His word eternal

His will unchanging

And His mind is on us

He is our Savior, our Guide,

Our Peace, our Joy, our Comfort

Our Lord and He rules our lives,

I serve Him because His bond is love

His yoke is easy His burden is light

And His goal for us is abundant life.

I follow Him because,

He Is the wisdom of the wise

The power of the powerful

The Ancient of days, the Ruler of rulers,

The Leader of all leaders,

His goal is a relationship with me

He will never leave you,

Never forsake you

Never mislead you

Never forget you,

Never overlook you and

Never cancel your appointment is His appointment book.

When you fall He’ll lift you up,

When you fail He will forgive you.

When you’re weak He’s strong,

When you’re lost He’s your way

When you’re afraid He is your courage,

When you stumble He will steady you,

When you’re hurt He IS going to heal you,

When you’re broken He will mend you,

When you’re blind He will lead you,

When you’re hungry He will feed you,

When you face trials He Is with you,

When I face persecution He shields me,

When I face problems He will comfort me,

When I face loss He will provide for me,

And when we face death,

He will carry us all home to meet Him…Hallelujah!

He is everything for everybody,

everywhere, every time,

And in every way.

He is your God

and that sister, is Who you belong to!

In Genesis, He's the breath of life

In Exodus, He is the Passover Lamb

In Leviticus, He's our high priest

In Numbers, the fire by night

Deuteronomy, He's Israel's Guide

Joshua, He's salvation's choice

Judges, He's Israel's Guard

In Ruth, the kinsmen's redeemer

1st and 2nd Samuel, our trusted prophet

In Kings and Chronicles He is Sovereign

In Ezra, He's the true and faithful scribe

In Nehemiah, the re-builder of broken walls and lives

In Esther, He's Mordecai's courage

In Job, the timeless redeemer

In Psalms He is our morning song

In Proverbs, He is our wisdom

Ecclesiastes, He's the time and season

In Song of Solomon, He is the lover's dream

In Isaiah He is Prince of Peace

In Jeremiah, the weeping prophet

Lamentations, the cry for Israel

Ezekiel, the call from sin

Daniel, the stranger in the fire

Hosea, the forever faithful

Joel, the spirit's power

Amos, the strong-arms that carry

Obadiah, the Lord our Savior

Jonah, the great missionary

Micah, the promise of peace

Nahum, our strength and shield

In Habakkuk and Zephaniah, He's brings revival

In Haggai He restores that which was lost

In Zachariah, He's our fountain

And in Malachi, He's the son of righteousness

rising with healing in His wings


In Matthew Mark Luke and John, He is God and Messiah

In the spirit filled book of Acts, He is the reigning fire from Heaven

In Romans, He is the grace of God

Corinthians, the power of love

Galatians, freedom from the curse of sin

Ephesians, our glorious treasure

Philippians, the servant's heart

Colossians, He's God and the trinity

Thessalonians, our calling King

In Timothy, Titus and Philemon, He's our mediator and our faithful pastor

In Hebrews, the everlasting courage

In James, the one who heals the sick

In 1st and 2nd Peter, our faithful shepherd

In John and Jude, He's the lover coming for His bride

AND in the Revelation, in the very end, when it's all over, said and done,

when time is NO MORE-

He is and will always be the King of Kings and Lord of Lords,

Prince of Peace, Son of Man, Lamb of God, The Great I am,

Alpha and Omega, God and Savior He is Jesus Christ the Lo



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