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For all my girlfriends, I love you!

Friends are friends through good times and bad

Through fashion “experiments” and fashion fads

There are those who know how to feather the nest

And celebrate all of life’s very best

They’ll often ask you to sit a spell

To take in the breeze and and fill up your well

There are those with whom you’ve been through it all

And know what to say when they see you fall

Held your head up high when you thought life was doomed

And taught you once more how to howl at the moon

There are those filled with wisdom who know what to say

The Lord uses those friends to help guide your way

A friend knows your taste and what looks good on you

And makes sure you’re prepared for whatever you do

Some friends are creative with artsy flair

Who can bring magic to any social affair

There are those who have the gift of the listening ear

Who comfort your heart, hold your stories dear

She walks through life with you hand in hand

And alongside of you, she will take a stand

But you dear friend are the best friend I know

You’re the one who’s made sure I continue to grow

To be the kind of woman His Purpose will complete

That will rise to any earthly feat

For friendships like ours are hard to find

I’ll never take for granted you’re one of a kind

Together we’ll grow old and laugh and cry

And until that day when we meet on high

Trust that I, will always, be there for you

Through thick and thin whatever you do.

(C) Hillary Humberson 2018

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