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For My True Love, Bob

“When The Day Shall Come That We Do Part, If My Last Words Are Not ‘I Love You’

Ye’ll Ken It Was Because I Didna’ Have Time.”

Jamie Fraser a.k.a. Diana Gabaldon, Outlander

I wrote the following to my husband for our 40th Anniversary

40 years of marriage, to my one true love.

You are the one that God gave me,

His gift to me from above

In Heaven a plan was made,

well before the beginning of time,

Our union He designed,

His plan, His reason, His rhyme.

How did we know that smelly, old


Would be the place, He would arrange

For us to meet that day!

Have you ever thought of how it happened?

You in a stinky handball court.

And me night after night so clueless

but my lure was those Navy blue shorts!

40 years my husband, a lifetime

of testing, faith and trials,

And during all the years we’ve stayed

Together all the while!

Some days, months, years weren’t easy…

some not ‘home-runs’ or starred

But through it all we made it!

We’ve lived and bore the scars!

No one told us that it would be easy,

(we never thought that it would be),

But day after day, year after year our secret,

Was to keep our faith in Thee.

40 years tonight my husband,

My partner, gift and friend,

If I haven’t told you yet today,

I’ll love you until the end.

So when the day shall come, that our lives on Earth shall part,

If my last words are not ‘I Love You’,

expressed from the deepest part of my heart

It will be because I’m waiting,

Ye’ll ken-it was because-I didna’ have the time,

As The Lord willa’ have taken me….

It’ll be by His design.

For 40 years He’s been with us,

Guided every step of the way,

and so today we need to praise God for every blessing,

Give thanks to Him and pray.

(C) Hillary Humberson January 2021


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