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Compliments to My Creator

You formed me in my mother's womb

My life you knew would not be doomed

Others were conceived but would not stay

And then upon a warm June day

You brought me forth out into night

The still, the dark, no more my right

Upon my head a mane of gold

The heart you formed would be made bold

My eyes you formed are denim blue

As I grow old I see life new

My height not tall, not short, just right

My frame is sturdy with plenty of might

My runner's legs they were the best

My wrinkled face prove enduring tests

But outward beauty is not your concern

It's more about how we grow and learn

Did I use my hair to dry a tear?

Did my eyes comfort someone suffering from fear?

Was I strong enough to lift someone in need?

Teach me Your ways Lord, I'll follow Your lead

You are forever my true best Friend

You've numbered my days from beginning to end

I ask for wisdom, strength and skill

And all these things Lord, to do Your Will

Thank You Lord for each hair on my head

Thank You Dear God, for a warm, comfy bed

Thank You Jesus, You love me so

More than I'll ever understand or know

(C) Hillary Humberson 2017


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