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I Took A Walk Today

Psalm 121:1

I lift my eyes to the mountains; where does my help come from?

I took a walk today and goodness knows that refreshed my soul. You see (for my friends and family living in warmer climates) we had a blizzard yesterday. Yes, why not in the first week of Spring and in the midst of Covid 19-social isolation- why wouldn’t we have a blizzard drop 10 inches of snow to keep us even more home-bound?!

Nevertheless the morning sun pierced the horizon revealing vivid blue Colorado skies and so I decided to get out, stretch, determine any signs of life (!) and carefully navigate the still snowy sidewalks.

God met me. Be still Hill. Let’s talk.

Off we went. The cool crisp Rocky Mountain air filled my lungs and with that I breathed in a fresh perspective.


Our neighborhood was as ‘still’ as I’ve ever known it to be. Not a soul to be seen outside, cars snugged up to their garage doors, a breeze ever so gently brushing the wisps of snow off the pines. I longed for distraction and yet God seemed to demand my attention in the tranquility of the morning. “Let’s look together at what I’ve done, let’s think together of where you’ve been”. Yes, thank You Lord!

And so we walked and talked and I shook my head in affirmation. Time passed in this quiet stillness, just me and the heartfelt Voice of my Savior. A block or so away from home, still so silent I could hear the wings of a passing bird, the glimmering sparkles of an untouched yard grasped my gaze. The snow had fallen perfectly. The surrounding pines stood guard protecting their perfect canvas. The sun shone so brightly off each tiny rise that it was blinding yet transported me to a time so long ago in my past.

The Lord said, “Look” , “Remember this simple time?” The beauty and simplicity of that untouched palette took me back to a time when I was a very young girl living in a quiet New England town. We didn’t have the distractions of technology or anything else but our imaginations for entertainment and our job as kids was to use that God-given gift.

Imagine that! I know, let’s build a snowman! Let’s make snow angels or build an igloo. The thought filled my heart and without thinking I drew in a long, relaxing breath. Yes Lord, I remember! Oh Lord, I give total praise for this time of innocence so free from the worries of the world.

Clean, crisp, fresh, new, pure.

Total praise!

Walking on, smile on my face, I began to sing and remember yet another blessed time in my life.

The Lord took me back to a time filled with so much love…a time when I was blessed to be a part of a local church choir. Three hundred worshippers, all with the same drive, heart and desire joined together Sunday after Sunday, month after month, year after year to put Scripture into song and deliver encouragement to our congregation. Sometimes we would hold hands proclaiming Worship so intense that without a supportive hand one just might fall down! Other times those hands raised to Heaven as The Spirit would fill every inch of space and time. Total praise…oh yes Lord, 'I lift mine eyes to the hills, knowing my help is coming from You. Your peace You give me, in times of the storm……You are the Source of my strength, You are the Strength of my life, I lift my hands in Total Praise, to, You'. (The link for this song written by Richard Smallwood, based upon Psalm 121 and sung by The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir is below).

Lord thank You that I was able to sing with my brothers and sisters all those years. Yes, I remember!

Community, joy, harmony, WORSHIP!

“Do you remember that I am your Redeemer, your Restorer and your Deliverer? Do you remember that I have covered you with my wings and sheltered you? Remember I will never leave you, never forsake you.” Yes Lord, you are all that to me and more. I remember Lord.

Yes and Amen, Your promises have never failed me!

Our conversation and all its intimacies continued until home was in sight. Filled once more with faith, hope, a song in my heart and fresh air in my lungs the peace of renewal and sweet memories will keep me this day.

I encourage you to take a walk (social distancing considered) and in the stillness of today’s world allow God to speak. His blessings on your life will surely be revealed!


Dear Lord, I pray thankfulness for times of remembering, times of deliverance and Your blessed assurance that this too will pass. You are good Lord and Your mercy endures forever!

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