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February 24th, 1980

1 Thessalonians 5:18 (NIV)

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

Giving thanks today to God for so many things, but today marks a unique anniversary.

It was 40 years ago on this date, February 24th, 1980, while sitting at a red light at 1AM that I was t-boned by a drunk driver clocked at 110 miles per hour. A policeman buddy, someone that I worked out with at the local YMCA, happened to be on duty and saw it coming. My car was demolished-top to bottom, side to side. It took firefighters 2.5 hours to cut me out of the wreckage all the while laying in broken glass, my back fractured in three places.

I thank God for the one Fire Fighter who held my hand and talked me through the noise and debris-never letting go. Even now I can hear the sound. I can see his arm reaching through the broken window. I can hear his reassuring voice that they would get me stay calm as the jaws of life ripped the roof of my car away from my face. During the chaos another arrived on the scene. Just a "someone" with a plaid, flannel shirt to keep me covered as the metal shards flew around my face. I never found out who that person was, but I kept the shirt for many years later. There was something about it that I couldn't let go of...

That's how our God is-He provides that kind of love and care, never ever letting us go despite what we're going through.

I originally composed this note of gratitude five years ago and thanked God for our son's decision to pursue Fire Fighting as his career choice. Today, I am proud to say our son achieved his dream becoming a professional Fire Fighter a little over a year ago. He worked hard, harder than most of us can fathom. The physical training Fire Fighters endure is amazing but compassion is something that comes from the heart and from understanding someone else's story of survival.

My son is ready. Thank you Andy for becoming a Fire Fighter. You make your momma proud.

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