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Who Am I?

Then King David went in and sat before the Lord, and he said:

“Who am I, Sovereign Lord, and what is my family, that you have brought me this far?

2 Samuel 7:18 (NIV):

Who Am I?

Over the years the privilege of meeting people who have great influence in ministry, education, music and the arts have crossed my path. I’m speaking about dragon slayers, the kind of people who have greatly affected their surrounding…as well as wide-reaching communities. Several weeks have passed since my latest encounter but to say I’d met another champion for The Kingdom would be an understatement.

A few nights ago, in need of a break from the winter doldrums I stepped outside to take in a brisk breath of icy cold mountain air. While observing the clarity of the night sky a fleeting thought crossed my mind as recollections of notables passed through my thoughts. I laughed as the words of the comedian Will Ferrell came to mind in that funny scene from the movie Anchorman where he proclaims, “I’m kind of a big deal”. That hilarious visual was however, soon shadowed by my own self-talk and feeling that I was just the opposite of Ron Burgandy’s announcement, in fact… “a nobody”.

Albeit a glorious starry night, the idea that my life wouldn’t leave the meaningful impact of many I’d come to know cast my eyes and heart downward and blanketed my gaze.

And then it happened…a second or so passed before The Spirit spoke into my heart…

"Oh but yes, you are somebody Hillary”…

I paused, now listening for the familiar Voice of reason .

"You are a wife, mother, grandmother to five girls-FIVE (!), sister, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, friend, student of The Word, former nurse, gardener, musician and artist, you are a photographer, listener and caregiver to others. You are a survivor. You are a friend, a neighbor, an observer of nature and wild about sunsets. You are a curator of words. You are a learner and teachable."

Gazing outward I smiled the smile that acknowledges blessed assurance and breaks the tension of doubt as these affirmations were placed on my heart. However, The Spirit wasn’t finished…

"Your Scottish blood runs deep Daughter, remember that I was The One to guide and hold your brave Scottish ancestor who survived imprisonment, starvation, and enslavement only to rise to prominence in New England. You as well are the great, great granddaughter of Irish immigrants who sought a better life than what they had in the north of Ireland. All survivors Hillary, just like you! These people prayed for you and many more prayed after them!"

Though the affirmations rapidly piercing my heart and mind were enough, nothing meant more than the moment I lifted my eyes to the stars…and the most amazing thing-happened!

A massive shooting star crossed right in front of my gaze… a WOW moment indeed and one that took its time. Not the distant fade nor split-second gratuitous streak.

No, this cosmic wonder took at least 5 seconds… go ahead, count out 5 seconds and imagine a shooting star streaking across the expanse of your view! Disney animation at its finest perhaps?!

It was as though God was saying, yes child, you are someone. You are-Mine. I’ll thank you for remembering that I gave you those roles. They are not meager, they are meaningful to Me. The blessings that come along with those roles are yours because I chose, you. Please remember Me more. Remember to thank Me, Dragon Slayer. I will be right here….see!

I was simply awestruck!

So I wonder, do you know who you are-not in your eyes but in God’s? Have you ever taken a moment to thank Him for the roles He has assigned with your name at the top?

The Psalmist David asked the same question.


Thank you, Lord, for every blessing you’ve blessed me with and by…I know that I am Yours. Help me to thrive in the simplest moments. No matter what the task Lord, remind me that everything I do I do for your glory and pleasure. And as I wait for you Lord, I’ll keep my slaying sword sharpened and my eyes fixed upon the Heavens for the next shooting star You send my way!

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