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Come and Sit With Me

Come down and sit with Me awhile,

I have much more to teach you child.

There’s so much more for you to do,

And with My help you’ll see it through.

I need you with Me day and night,

To walk within My guiding light.

Come and sit near the garden wall,

Among the vines that grow so tall.

It will be here that you will see,

Lessons in life direct from Me.

We’ve talked about the soil and ground,

Foundations that need to be made sound.

We’ve talked about the sun and light,

And protection from the dark of night.

Stay near to Me be quiet and still,

Your life is a matter of My will.

Mistakes no more will they repeat,

Your purpose revealed will be so sweet!

Look up My child to Heaven above,

And know by Me you are so loved!

I’m proud of you, you’ve come so far!

You truly are My shining star!

So see, just now you’ve realized,

You’re never far from My loving eyes,

Stay awhile, take in the view,

And know how much that I love you!

Signed, God

© Hillary Humberson 2017

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